Grape variety:   62% Pinot Noir, 24% Chardonnay, 14% Meunier , Including 5% of red wine

Origin:   Grands and Premiers Crus from La Montagne de Reims  and La Côte des Blancs

People sometimes mentioned her. Everybody pictured her, like a hidden memory or a secret dream.

Some saw her as a feminine silhouette standing out against the ROSÉ background of a rose garden, roud and luminous in the light of an April morning. Could this be vaguely inspired by Aunt Lily?

She was the cuvée Rosé de Bollinger.

And when she appeared, she made her presence felt by all.

She was totally unique and yet undeniably at ease amongst her own.  A member of the family.

There was nothing artless or frivolous about her. She had the grace of early maturity that suggests she can play every part without cheating, seduce without lying, offer herself without fading into the background.

She bore her youth like an already-kept promise, luminous and serene, who time would prove right.

She had the charm that intrigues and the elegance that reassures.

A presence, an allure, an aura, a style.

She was so totally Bollinger and so singularly rosé. The promise of a new encounter with Bollinger.