Cognac is above all, a product of blending. Indeed, the marriage of Cognacs, from different years and soils, offers a constant quality over the years, for decades even. It is above all thanks to its mastering of the art of blending that Delamain was able to establish its reputation, for example with Pale and Dry X.0, real signature of the house since 1920.

The House of Delamain proposes small batches of Vintage Cognacs. These are exceptional Cognacs with unique characteristics that evolved not only according to their soils of origin and their years but also according to the conditions of ageing. Delamain has dedicated one of its best cellars to the exclusive breeding of these Cognacs. This cellar is strictly controlled by the BNIC. Situated in Jarnac, on the banks of the Charente river, it benefits from an ideal degree of hygrometry for the ageing of Cognacs.

Delamain imposed on itself a strict process for the control of the ageing of its Vintage Cognacs by placing this cellar under the strict control of the BNIC, The Cognac Trade Association. A BNIC ‘s Controller detains one of the keys of this double locked cellar while the Cellar Master keeps the other key. Naturally the first needs the second to be present in order to open the door.

Year after year, Delamain selects batches of young Cognacs issued from various estates in Grande Champagne. These Cognacs are accommodated in well-seasoned casks to protect their specificity of origin: finesse and elegance. They are then double- locked into the cellar. Every year, Delamain selects from this cellar small lots of old Cognacs, thirty-year-old at least.

These are then bottled, one cask after another, without blending. The delivery, as well as the bottling, occurs in the presence of the Controller. Sales are also scrutinized, a copy of every invoice being passed on to the BNIC. Every entry and every release of Cognac from the “Vintage Cellar” being made under the control of the BNIC, the House of Delamain may release these Vintage Cognacs in complete respect of the law.

All the details of the production are indicated on the bottle, the bottling date is printed on the back label. Indeed, the vintage alone is not a sufficient piece of information as the difference between both Vintage- Bottling dates indicates the duration of ageing under wood, thus the real age of the Cognac.

These Cognacs, available in very limited quantity, are references in terms of age and quality; they are dedicated to true connoisseurs who seek the unique distinction of wonderful and old Grande Champagne. While BNIC guarantees the Vintage, the exceptional quality of these old Cognacs, is guaranteed by the signature of the House Delamain.